The Treasure Shop of Himalaya was created in 2006 by Tenzin, a former Buddhist monk, whose wish was to discover his culture and create a bond of friendship and sharing between the Himalayas and the West and to help to the many Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India, whose crafts were the only source of income.

Our products are made in Nepal mainly but also from India and Tibet by Tibetan craftsmen and artists specializing in very specific fields: Woodwork, bronze, painting, jewelry, textiles, etc. They are the guarantors of a thousand-year-old tradition as well as know-how that could otherwise disappear.

All the work of these men and women respects the traditional forms related to Tibetan and Buddhist culture.

For some products (such as incense), these are families that we make work allowing them to develop a small business essential to their existence. We know our suppliers with whom we have been working for years.