Ayurvedic – Kasturi Incense


Ayurvedic Masala Kasturi Incense is made with natural ingredients to provide a natural result of kasturi. The sticks have a blend of unique rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils.

Their natural ingredients bring a light musk-like fragrance, traditionally used for depression and to keep aspiration in the mind. The alluring scent is ideal to unlock the benefits of aromatherapy, uplifting your daily meditation and spiritual wellness, as well easing into your yoga activities, working day, or simply bringing light delicate fragrances of nature into your home.


Ayurvedic Masala Kasturi Incense is made from natural ingredients.

Free from toxic materials.
Gives a refreshing and soothing scent of relaxation, nature, with a touch of musk fragrance.

One box includes 15 sticks of incense.

Used for relaxation of mind, creating a dreamy ambient, ideal for relaxation purposes.


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