Ayurvedic – Palo Santo Incense


Ayurvedic Masala Palo Santo Incense is made with natural ingredients to provide a natural result of aromatherapy. The sticks have a blend of unique rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils.

Their natural ingredients bring out the properties of palo santo wood, recognized as an excellent purifier, anti-depressive and relaxant element. Palo Santo favorizes a state of calmness and relaxation, being useful for when meditating, or in stressful times when you want to keep negative thoughts away.

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Ayurvedic Masala Palo Santo Incense is made from natural ingredients.

Free from toxic materials.
Gives a soothing scent of palo santo wood.

One box includes 15 sticks of incense.

Used for relaxation of mind, cleaning the energies in the home, offering a more balanced state of self by eliminating emotions that lead to suffering, sadness or depression.


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