Ayurvedic – Rose Incense


Ayurvedic Masala Rose Incense is made with natural ingredients to provide a natural result of floral fragrance. The sticks have a blend of unique rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils.

Their natural ingredients bring a flavor of roses that are helpful to lift depression states, reduce tension of the body and bring love and fertility into your ambient. It is ideal for calming down your emotions, allowing you to focus on the positive ones, eases anxiety and elevates your spirits.


Ayurvedic Masala Rose Incense is made from natural ingredients.

Free from toxic materials.
Gives a refreshing and soothing scent of roses.

One box includes 15 sticks of incense.

Used for relaxation of mind, balancing strong emotions, welcoming love into your life, as well as braveness, healing, passion and beauty.


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