Goloka Nag Champa Incense


Goloka Nag Champa Incense are manufactured by a non-profit organization, Goloka Seva Trust, located in Bangalore which does a lot of charitable activities for the local community, of underprivileged children or widows.

The incense sticks are prepared with natural ingredients from organic cultures, carrying a pleasant fragrance reminding you of a beautiful garden of flowers. The sandalwood in the composition favorizes the mental calm, deep relaxation, des-stressful energy, as well as other aromatherapeutic benefits.

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Goloka Nag Champa Incense sticks are produced with organic, natural ingredients.
Traditionally hand made in India.

Free from toxic materials. Environmental friendly and free from animal cruelty.

Useful when masking unpleasant odors, with a calming effect of the mind, relaxing and destressing.

Pack of 16 gr, 15 sticks


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