Sandal Incense


Sandal Incense is used since ancient times to induce a meditative state among other benefits. The scent is also known to help relieve muscle soreness and indigestion and to help reduce depression.

With earthy, fresh and smooth colors in its fragrance, sandal is used for a wide range of benefits. It is useful in yoga practices, meditation and accessing your inner self. It improves mental performance, sustains creativity and clarity in focus.

It works excellent for insomnia, finding easy to fall asleep. In spiritual practices it deepens the attention and heighten the sense.

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The Sandal Incense sticks are of high quality, natural ingredients.
Traditionally hand made in India.

Free from harmful ingredients. Environmental friendly and free from cruelty towards animals.

Burning Sandal incense enhances owns attention and mental capacity, purifies the air and facilitates meditation.

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