Wooden Buddha Eye Cup Incense Holder

These incense holders, are hand made by dedicated artisans from Nepal.

The painted symbol of the Buddha Eye, reminds of his ultimate knowledge and power, while the lotus flowers on the exterior edges of the cups stand for purity.

The cup is wide enough to contain the ashes resulted from burning your incense, and the supporting holes are a good fit for the wide variety of incense thickness, available on the market.

Its design and simple format makes it easier to blend with your home general vibe, welcoming a touch of color and positivity into your home.

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Wooden incense plate holder for Tibetan and Indian Incense.
Artisanal work, handmade in Nepal
“Buddha Eye” design, hand painted (red or orange main colors)
One hole for thicker incense sticks, and 4 for thinner incense sticks.
9.5 cm in diameter

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Orange, Red


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